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Michael S. Evdemon II

Michael Evdemon formed E Insurance Group, Inc. in June of 2000 and is the former President of CE Insurance Services from 1989 to 2000, with previous recruiting experience since 1987. His professional experience includes Owner/Entrepreneur in the service industry prior to being a financial advisor with MoneyPlan International.

code of ethical practice

To respect the confidentiality of all information about clients or candidates prior to accepting any job order or referral.
To present to both parties any possible conflicts of interest prior to accepting any assignment.
To honor confidentiality agreements and the anonymity of the client until clearance for disclosure has been granted.
To abide by the legislation and provisions related to the insurance industry to include equal opportunity and anti-discrimination laws.
To maintain professional regular contact with both the client and candidate during the recruitment process. This is to include providing objective feedback in a fair, constructive and appropriate manner.
To not withhold any information to affect or influence one's decision or to jeopardize a candidates current position while they evaluate a client company opportunity. All references on any candidate will be confidential until mutual interest is established pending a formal offer being made and accepted.

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